These Beautiful Jeweled Pewter Keepsake Trinket Boxes are a perfect place to hold a small memorial  such as ashes, a lock of hair or any precious remembrance of  your loved one. 
They are perfect for families wishing to each share
 a small portion  of 
a loved one's cremated remains
All are $42.99

Along with our commitment 
to giving you the  lowest prices. 
We also offer you 
100% money-back guarantee  on these products

heart shape butterfly keepsake urn
Dachshund urn
Turtle urn
cat urn
Pink dragonrfly Bottle urn
Golf clubs keepsake urn
golden horse urn
jeweled owl keepsake urn
jeweled black catl urn
elephant urn
turtle urn
puppy urn
jeweled owl urn
Yorkshure terrier keepsake urn
Flamingo keepsake urn
butterfly keepsake urn
glass purple flower keepsake urn
Blue Bird Trinket Box Urn
Pink bird house keepsake urn
silver elephant keepsake urn
Moon and stars keepsake urn
Gray elephant keepsake urn
Lady bug keepsake urn
Jeweled turtle urn or trinket box
Jeweled gitar keepsake urn
faberge egg urn
Perfume bottle urn
pink bird with jeweles keepsake urn
pink bird with jeweles keepsake urn
blue bird jeweled glass keepsake urn
Humming Bird Bottle
glass jeweled fairy cremation keepsake urn
Jeweled bottle urn
Pink dragonrfly Bottle urn
Jeweled Peacock Bottle keepsake urn
chihuahua 3"H
Puppy 2.75"H
Horse 2.25"H
Dachshund 2.25"H
Cat 2.75"H
Green Turtle 1.5"H
Orange Turtle 1.5"H
Blue Stone Bottle
Butterfly 1"H
Purple Flower Bottle
Yellow Owl 
 Peacock Bottle 4"H
Flamingo 3.35"H
Blue Bird 2"H
 Blue Bird Bottle
Humming Bird Bottle 4"H
Yorki 3"H
Butterfly Heart 1.5"h
Gray Elephant 3.5"H
Silver Elephant 1.5"H
Pink Fairy
Gold Owl 1.5"H 
Stars and Moon 1."H
Amber Stone 1.75"H
Black Cat 3"H
Bird House 2.25" H
Pink Bird  2.5"H 
EGG 2.75"H
Golf 2.75" H
Guitar 4.5"H
Lady Bug 1.5"H
Gold Crystal and Amber Bottle 4"H
 Pink Dragonfly bottle 2.5"H 
Gold Tall Bottle 4.5"H
Blue Crystal Turtle 1"H